AI-Driven Targeted Instagram Account Growth Management Service

We Provide Just One Kind of Service:
The Best Available Instagram Account Growth Management

Achieve the Best Possible Results in Your Account Growth Strategy within Safe Limits!

Unmatched Monthly Growth

Achieve 2 to 3 Times Account Growth Rate Compared to Similar Services.


Grow New Targeted and Engaged REAL Followers at the Best Rate.

Focus on Doing Business

Meanwhile, Our Account Growth Managers are Doing all the Heavy Lifting.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Using Our State of the Art AI-Driven Technology to Your Advantage.

Start Achieving 2 to 3 Times Targeted Account Growth!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes us Different?

We work with a proprietary AI technology that uses Machine Learning to be constantly improved, which allows us to make the highest amount of interactions with your targeted audience. There is no other service that comes close to the real, organic, genuine, and engaged follower growth rate we deliver. This is why over 3000+ clients have trusted our service and they keep their subscriptions in other to focus their efforts on doing business while we take care of their account management growth.

How do you achieve such Amazing Results?

One of the benefits of using our advanced AI technology is that each daily actions done by our account managers are based on a set of parameters known to perform the highest response rate with your targeted audience within safe IG action limits.

How much growth can I expect with your service?

Our average monthly growth is between 800 to 2,000 new followers.
Consider that a new account in a local niche will have a slower growth rate than others who are established in a popular niche. Also, consider that the frequency of posting good and attractive content will help you to reach the explore page and get even better results.

Will my followers be Real?

Sure. Our AI-Technology detects and weeds out all fake and spam accounts from our daily actions in order to guarantee that your new followers are REAL and related to your niche.

Is there any risk about using your service?

No. Our advanced Artificial Intelligence technology takes care that all the actions performed on your account promotion are within 100% safe IG limits, which allows us to provide our clients with a professional service and complete peace-of-mind.

What do I need to Get Started?

Use any “Get Started” button in this page to subscribe and an account manager will contact you with the requirements to start your service.

Do I need to share my account Login Credentials?

Yes. In order to provide our service, we need to be able to perform our daily set of actions on your behalf while you focus on your posting strategy, establishing new relationships, and doing business.

How long does it takes to start enjoying my Account Growth?

We need 3-5 days to analyze and set your specific, tailored strategy, using our AI-Driven technology, to start seeing account growth results.

Do you have a Refund Policy?

Yes. We will refund your current monthly payment if we fail to provide the service.

How can I cancel my service?

Your subscription is set to renew on a monthly payment basis. If you want to cancel your service, you’ll need to open a ticket to send your request on our support desk, 5 days before your subscription expires.

What happens after I’ve paid for my subscription?

One of our account managers will contact you as soon as possible.
We kindly ask you to be patient in the setup process of your service.

Why are your working hours 9-5 / Monday to Friday instead the 24/7 of similar services?

Well, if others are expecting trouble, they need to be available 24/7, but our AI-Driven technology guarantees us and you to stay 100% trouble free.


“I no longer need to spend hours every day trying to gain followers. InstAIgrowth has freed me from doing that!”
Meghan Leno
After trying a couple of similar services with lousy results, a friend told me about InstAIgrowth. Now, my account grows at a 1.2k rate every month.
Mike Sefchec
InstAIgrowth has helped us to expand our reach into new audiences who eventually become new customers or partners.
Mitzi Newman
Marketing Agency
With consistent social interactions with the right audience and targeted growth, this has been the best investment I have made to drive steady traffic to my website.
Patrick Jones

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